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Live Streaming Construction Site Projects

Monitoring construction site progress through live streaming can increase transparency and accountability of projects. Connect with your community and stream to your construction site in action!

Construction cameras with live-streaming video provide the ability for real-time collaboration with team members, even if they’re remotely located, helping to eliminate potential confusion or miscommunication. Being able to access a job site 24/7/365 and immediately see what’s going on in real time is a HUGE benefit provided by construction cameras with live-streaming video features. This allows you and your team to constantly be in-the-know about what’s happening on your job sites.



When it comes to monitoring construction projects and keeping jobs on schedule, knowing exactly what is happening at the job site is key. But what do you do when your construction projects are hundreds of miles away from the office? How do you effectively communicate between the field and the office?

What about when your team is spread thin working on multiple projects — how do you find the time to travel to each job site to make sure everything is progressing as it should?

The answer: use a construction camera with live-streaming video.

Live-streaming construction cameras, coupled with user-controlled pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) capability, provide construction teams the ability to home in on specific tasks or areas of interest on a job site. This helps with quality control, as well as the effectiveness of teams in the field.

Additionally, live-streaming construction cameras are great for keeping vested parties like investors or the local community updated regarding your project and its progress.


Share On Your Website

Optionally, you may embed a specially designed version of our interface on your own website. Promote your project to the world by sharing a live view! See your construction site in action!

Make sure your site is secure and share your project’s progress with investors, customers, and other interested parties, or share your construction site project with any number of simultaneous viewers.



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