EZ Streamer Cloud Portal


EZ Streamer Cloud Portal Overview

The EZ Streamer Cloud Portal is a web based device management system for the EZ Streamer encoder. This can be accessed from any browser to modify the EZ Streamer settings, monitor the health of the live streams, add/modify IP camera links, and set your RTMP live streaming player service.


Portal Login

To log into the portal visit EZ Streamer Portal Login here.







The dashboard displays a quick overview of the activated EZ Streamer encoders and what streams are running on each individual encoder. Streams running will have a green colored camera icon and streams not running will have a red colored camera icon.

The EZ Streamer cloud will check all streams every minute for stream health and update the dashboard automatically.


Device Configure

When configuring the EZ Streamer encoder you can set up an unique name for the encoder under the “General” tab.




Stream Configure

The “Stream” tab is where the live streaming encoder setting are set.

The RTSP Link box is where you enter the RTSP IP Camera link. The format of the RTSP link is typically provided by the IP Camera manufacturer. You can also visit https://www.ispyconnect.com/cameras for help finding the RTSP link of your IP camera.

The RTMP Link and Stream Key settings are provided by the RTMP streaming service you are encoding the live steam to.


Stream Health

The EZ Streamer cloud will monitor each stream of the EZ Stream encoder once a minute and record the live stream frame rate and bit rate and update the Historical Data graph. The Historical Data graph will display the last 48 hours of stream heath.