EZ Streamer Configurations


EZ Streamer IP Camera Configurations

EZ Streamer allows multiple ways to network IP cameras for live streaming. The EZ Streamer encoder box supports up to 4 simultaneous live stream encoding options for 4 different cameras. Below are several different diagrams of how IP cameras can be connected to a network to be live streamed. The EZ Streamer can stream any combination of the configurations shown.


Configuration 1

This is the most basic configuration. Simply connect your EZ Streamer to your local router or switch on your network. Next connect your IP camera to your local router or switch.





Configuration 2

Using WiFi IP Cameras is another popular configuration. Connect your WiFi IP camera to your local WiFi router. Next, connect your EZ Streamer to your local router or switch on your network. This configuration allows you to move your WiFi IP camera anywhere in range of the WiFi router.




Configuration 3

This configuration is similar to Configuration 1 but shows how multiple IP camera can be connected to the same network for live streaming. Note, not all camera need to be wired to the network. This can be a combination of wired and WiFi IP cameras.




Configuration 4

Configuration 4 demonstrates the use of a PoE injector. If your IP camera supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) you can use a PoE extender to extend the wired range of your IP camera up to 100 meters/300 feet from the network router/switch. Using a PoE injector means that both network communications and power are run over the ethernet cable that will also power the IP camera which eliminates the need to power the IP camera. This configuration is useful for IP cameras mounted outdoors.


Configuration 5

This configuration demonstrates how the EZ Streamer can live stream IP cameras on remote networks. For example you can have an EZ Streamer on a network in California and live stream an IP camera on a remote network in New York. In order to do this the remote router will need to be configured for Port Forwarding of the IP cameras RTSP port.