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Live Stream Your Fitness Class

Exercise videos have come a long way, but inevitably most people get bored with the same old exercise routine and those tapes gathered dust on top of the VCR. Live streaming is a way to keep exercise fresh, exciting, and challenging!

Streaming fitness or workout classes is a way to stay engaged with customers and continue to bring in potential clients even if they can’t meet face-to-face. Connect to new clients and stream to Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, Twitch and other platforms. Invite new members to join in! Live streaming fitness classes are also affordable, accessible, and suitable for every fitness level, from beginner to expert. Live streamed classes are providing the variety needed to keep people engaged and excited about working out.


Benefits of Streaming

Convenience: A live streamed exercise program can be completed from just about anywhere, saving people the trouble of driving to the gym, finding parking, and getting a spot in a high-demand class.

Variety: When it comes to exercise classes, people are limited by what’s in their area. Pilates or yoga might be the only options near them when they really want something like CrossFit. Live streaming is able to provide a virtually endless well of choices and can even help introduce users to new options they may never have considered before.

Comfort: Beginners might feel intimidated or embarrassed the first time they attend an exercise class in the real world. With live streaming, they’re doing it from the privacy and comfort of their homes with minimal pressure to get it right the first time.

Community: Live streaming can create a sense of community that recorded on-demand exercise classes lack. It makes exercise inclusive regardless of knowledge or skill level. Meanwhile, people get to see the same instructors every day while enjoying new exercise routines as their skills increase.


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