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The First Hardware Encoder for Live Streaming IP Cameras

The EZ Streamer is the first ever dedicated encoder designed to live stream standard IP cameras to streaming services such as YouTube and Facebook Live.

Today we live in a world surrounded by millions of high quality IP cameras without simple solutions for live streaming. Current streaming solutions are expensive and cumbersome, and most do not support 24/7 continuous live streaming.

Many cities, towns, traffic intersections, hotels, resorts, ski lodges, and sporting facilities have IP cameras currently installed. Take advantage of this existing infrastructure by driving traffic to your website by embedding these live streams.

A single EZ Streamer can live stream up to 4 cameras at once and stream in stunning Quad HD 1440P resolution! Connect any wired or WiFi H.264 RTSP compatible IP camera. No expensive PC or special special software needed.

The EZ Streamer is simple to configure. You will be live streaming in 5 minutes! No monthly fees. It’s that EZ!

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24/7 Streaming

Continuous 24/7 Live Streaming

Many businesses and organizations are turning to linear video streaming, which is more commonly known as 24/7 live streaming. This is a difficult task for most live streaming encoders. The EZ Streamer was specifically designed to handle this difficult task.

With our stream watch feature the EZ Streamer will ensure your live stream stays active even in the case of network drops.

In the event of network drops or camera power outages the EZ Streamer will continually monitor the network health and restart the stream when the network is active or power is restored.

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Simulcast your live event to multiple platforms!

The EZ Streamer can simulcast a single camera up to four different platforms for your live streaming event. Simulcasting your live event stream such as fitness classes or church services to YouTube and Facebook Live will greatly expand your outreach.

The benefits of live broadcasting to multiple platforms simultaneously will save time and expand your audience. Multistreaming truly erases boundaries and sets a new standard for audience reach. Instead of streaming to just one platform, like YouTube or Facebook, you can stream to all of them simultaneously, massively increasing the number of active viewers!

Note: The EZ Streamer supports up to four live streams. These can be a combination of cameras and/or simulcasts.

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Dedicated hardware streaming encoder

A dedicated hardware live streaming encoder for IP cameras ensures your live stream will stay active. The EZ Streamer outperforms other PC based software or Cloud server encoding solutions to meet the demands of your live streaming needs.


Compatible with standard IP Cameras

Connect any IP camera with H.264 compression and supports RTSP protocol (Real-Time Messaging Protocol).

Stream to YouTube and Facebook Live

Stream to any streaming player service supporting RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) such as YouTube, Facebook Live, and Twitch.

Connect up to four IP Cameras

The EZ Streamer can encode up to for IP cameras at once live streaming up to Quad HD 1440P resolution.


Simulcast your live event simultaneously to four different platforms.

Configure your EZ Streamer on our cloud portal

Easily set up and change the settings on your EZ Streamer through our ez-streamer.com Cloud Portal. Modify the IP camera RTSP link address and RTPM server settings.


How It Work

Start live streaming in 5 minutes!


Connect your EZ Streamer and IP Camera to your network.



Configure your EZ Streamer settings on the EZ Streamer Cloud Portal.



Go live on popular RTMP streaming services such as YouTube or Facebook Live.

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