High School & Youth Sports

Today, live video streaming is becoming increasingly mainstream. It’s no surprise that youth sports live streaming has also increased in popularity. Whether you’re live streaming high school or youth sports the best way to connect with parents, family members, and fans is to stream to free services like YouTube and Facebook Live!



Simple Solution

The EZ Streamer is simple to install and start live streaming. Simply connect the EZ Streamer to your local network, set the IP camera network address and your YouTube and/or Facebook account setting on the EZ Streamer cloud and you’re streaming in 5 minutes!

The EZ Streamer is one of the most cost effective solutions on the market today. Don’t waste thousands of dollars on other solutions that also include a monthly fee and charge your viewers to watch. There are no fees with streaming the EZ Streamer!



Can’t decide on whether to live stream on YouTube or to Facebook? No problem! Stream to multiple platforms simultaneously with EZ Streamer! Streaming to YouTube and Facebook Live at the same time will let your viewers decide how they want to watch your event.

YouTube is perfect for live streaming your sports event on a big screen HD TV. Most smart TV’s include the YouTube App today. With the EZ Streamer’s 1440P you’ll be able to see the action in greater detail than competitive solutions in 1080P!

Facebook Live is a great solution for fans with mobile devices to watch your live sports event. The longer you live stream, the more likely people will discover and share your video. Yes, the reach is bigger than you think.


Live Stream Multiple Venues

With the EZ Streamer you can live stream multiple venues with one encoder. A single EZ Streamer can live stream up to four different venues or fields, or can have multiple live camera angles at a single venue. Live stream your high school gymnasium, football field, swimming pool, and basketball court. Unlike other live streaming encoders that can only stream one camera at a time the EZ Streamer will save you money by covering all of your sports venues!


Rewind the Live View!

One of the largest advantages live streaming to YouTube and Facebook Live using your EZ Streamer are:

Get Instant Replay instantly: Did you miss something? Don’t worry. You can rewind the live stream and see what you missed!

Go Slow-Mo: Slow down the framerate of the player to view replays in slow motion.

Embed in you Website: Embed the YouTube live stream and live chat into your website and drive traffic there.

Save the Live Stream: Once the live streamed event has completed save this video on your YouTube channel so anyone who missed the event can watch it. These videos are also essential for player recruitment goals. Get unedited live footage that scouts and coaches want!

Start live streaming your youth sporting event today with an EZ Streamer!