Live Streaming Wildlife and Zoo Cameras

In the past few years, live streaming wildlife cameras have expanded from broadcasting only from zoos and aquariums to giving viewers a look at wildlife species in their natural habitat. It’s often difficult to witness the magic of nature up close and personal, but with the new EZ Streamer encoder live streaming wildlife has never been easier!

Live streaming with EZ Streamer is very affordable, and anyone with a bird feeding station, an active backyard, or access to a variety of wildlife can set up a a live streaming camera for all to enjoy! Live wildlife cameras often let you see animals at closer range than would otherwise be possible.


Wildlife Cameras

You can’t just drop in on all the wild animals you’d like to see. Some animals are secretive or unfriendly or live in remote, inhospitable areas. For some species, ill-timed human visits can disrupt feeding, breeding or nesting. The EZ Streamer can help bridge that distance. Live streaming wildlife cameras just don’t just entertain us but they also inform science and wildlife management actions.

Here’s what you can do with an EZ Streamer. Live stream your backyard bird feeder, bird next boxes, and wildlife feeders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and share with your friends! A single EZ Streamer can live stream all three of these options at once.


Live Bird Nest Box Cameras


Install a small camera inside your backyard bird nest box and watch the birds grow up! Watching nesting birds is not only enjoyable but educational!



Live Deer & Wildlife Cameras


Setting up a wildlife feeder in your backyard can often bring deer and turkey in for close viewing. Why not live stream your wildlife to YouTube or Facebook Live and share with your friends.


Live Bird Feeder Cameras


Do you enjoy feeding birds and have bird feeders in your backyard? You can easily live stream your bird feeders to YouTube with and EZ Streamer and an inexpensive camera.