Streaming IP Cameras

IP Cameras Streaming

An IP camera, or Internet Protocol camera, is a type of digital video streaming camera that can be directly connected a wired or WiFi network. There are over 350 million IP cameras installed in businesses and households worldwide today.

Easy to Network, Inexpensive, and High Resolution

IP cameras are very popular partly due to the device’s self-installation. IP cameras do not require professional installation, saving time for home and business owners.

RTMP Transcoding for Live Streaming

IP cameras serve a limited number of concurrent viewers and do not directly support live streaming services. In order to live stream IP cameras to YouTube or Facebook Live the video signal must be “encoded” into the popular RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol).

Difficult to Connect IP Cameras to Live Streaming Services

Cloud-based encoding services are available to stream IP cameras to live streaming services. These services need to pull the video data from the IP camera it requires advanced network knowledge.  This has been a barrier for many customers owning IP cameras for live streaming.

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